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A home’s roof takes a beating while it protects those inside from the elements. Over time, it may experience damage that requires repair. The damage could be due to an aging roof or the aftermath of a recent storm. At Cardinal Roofing, our team of Round Rock roof repair experts is ready to serve homeowners in our area when they need us the most.

Cardinal Roofing is your premier local roofing company. We are committed to providing only the highest quality products and exceptional service to all of our customers. Trust our experts with your roof repair needs in Round Rock!


As your local roof repair experts, we are committed to providing only the highest level of service and best products for our customers. We have the experience and tools to repair any damage your roof has. At Cardinal Roofing, we guarantee your complete satisfaction!

Damage caused by a recent storm clearly indicates your roof requires professional attention. But there are other signs you can look for. These include:

  • Spots of sunlight entering your home through the roof.

  • Leaks. You may see standing water, water stains, or moisture damage.

  • Missing or damaged shingles.

  • Granular debris in your gutters.

  • Sagging in your ceiling or attic beams.

If you need roof repair in the Round Rock area, Cardinal Roofing is here to help. Our roof repair professionals will bring integrity back to your roof. Reach out to our team today to receive a quote for your next roof repair, solar panel installation, or roof installation project in Round Rock and the greater Austin area.

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